Way of working



Someone with the preference individualist likes to work alone on a project or hobby. If someone has a strong preference they find their independence important during the execution of a project/hobby. They find it important to determine personally when and where they are going to work. These people work most efficiently when they don’t work in a team. An individualist also likes to go out on their own.


Someone with the preference team-player likes to work together with other people. They don’t have any problems working in a team. It is inspiring for them and this person doesn’t have any difficulty with dividing tasks among others. A  team-player cares about other team members and works much more efficiently in a team, instead of working alone. They like to go out in a team.


For someone with the preference group-player it is no problem working in a team or individually on a project. A group-player feels responsible for his tasks and cares about his team-players. It doesn’t matter to group-players whether they go out on their own or in a group. A group player needs to able to work and socialise on their own and in a group.