Sensory channel



Someone with the preference seeing quickly sees pictures/images and also attaches value to seeing his environment. Obvious language patterns are: looking, seeing, film, images, overview etc. Somebody who belongs to the visual type is a fast thinker too. This person records everything in pictures Visual people also speak very rapidly to be able to follow the picture and/or film.


Someone with the preference hearing has a strong focus on sound. Obvious language patterns are: sounds, noise, speaking, calling, hearing etc. These people can be recognised by remarks like: … but you told me 10 years ago … And they will often repeat what someone else says to them. Auditory people may also speak in a harmonious way. Just think of an Italian, (someone who allows the language to flow) who is very expressive in the use of language.


Someone with the preference feeling relies a lot on accessing his feelings. Obvious language patterns are: feeling, committed, stress, move, touch etc. Somebody with a strong feeling preference speaks very slowly with a low voice. This person has to access their feelings regularly to revive a memory or make a decision.