Success strategy



Someone with the preference vision is creative in inventing things and regularly has new ideas. A visionary person is continuously making/ planning new developments. It may be the case that he/she wakes up in the middle of the night to write down ideas.


Someone with the preference realist likes to accomplish and complete things that the visionary person has developed. A person with this preference finds it important to convert ideas into results. He/she says what is necessary to realize an idea, like necessary material and time. Good at planning and ensuring a project is completed-they are a doer- they get things done and want to know how the project will be completed.


Someone with the preference critic is the opposite of the visionary person. They are continuously busy with everything that is not possible and they are looking for obstacles. They are focused on the disadvantages of an idea and everything that can go wrong. This preference is useful to survey the possible obstacles, what may be cost effective- for example a good quality control manager may save you money.