Primary interest



Someone with the preference people likes to meet other people and he/she likes to have others around them. They often remember names and faces very well. Someone with this preference would not like to be alone on an island.


Someone with the preference places strongly puts the focus on the environment where they are. When this way of thinking is very strong, they often have a very good memory for routes even if they have only been somewhere once. They are very good at scanning the environment quickly. These people are often very House-Proud demonstrating how environment is very important.  


Someone with the preference activity finds it important to be able to undertake lots of activities. Justthink of: sports, holidays, hobbies, etc. often the first question they will ask is ‘how and what’ relating to activities- preference for lots of activities.


Someone with the preference information likes to learn from books, trainings and study. This person is often studious and enjoys developing themselves.  


Someone with the preference things puts the focus on material goods and objects; they especially want the latest of everything for example- gadgets. Another example is that this person values a beautiful house and how everything is furnished. Therefore, most of the time their home looks very tidy. An art collector would be an example of someone who puts the focus on things.