What are ways of thinking?

Ways of thinking are also called Meta programs, in the world of NLP. (Meta programs are unconscious filters in our minds and are powerful determinants of personality). They are ways to filter and file information. Depending on someone’s preferences the Meta programs determine what his or her model of the world looks like. The strongest preferences are used to communicate with others and even to influence others with this preference. In their ways of thinking people create several strategies. When someone is less flexible in their ways of thinking, undesirable behaviour patterns can arise. This can influence someone’s communication a lot. It can cause misunderstandings, which can even lead to conflicts. When somebody is very flexible in their way of thinking, they can more easily switch between the Meta programs and thus communicate with different people more effectively. Ways of thinking even how in the language we use. Someone with a preference for a visual thinking pattern, often speaks in images; ‘imagine the picture’, ’I see what you mean’, ‘let us have a look’ etc. Somebody with a preference for an auditory thinking pattern uses words like ‘listen closely to what I say’, ‘that sounds good’ etc. Despite the fact that both people speak the same language, there is a big chance that they miss each other’s message completely just by interpreting or understanding words differently. These are two examples of ways of thinking. There are 53 primary Meta programs (ways of thinking) in total. Therefore, it is logical that communication can easily fail, especially if someone is not very flexible in their thinking patterns.

How do these ways of thinking originate?

Our ways of thinking are determined from birth. Parents, family and friends have a big influence. By modeling, a child learns fast from others. A child is intrigued by the skills/abilities and traits that other people have. They also notice what someone else isn‘t able to do or doesn’t possess. This process keeps developing itself continuously. Think of for instance a school, relationships, living on your own, work and hobbies or interests. Mozart wrote major pieces of music, he heard every instrument separately and could even write it down. In that situation the auditory aspect played an important role. An artist is often visually focused. Most of the time he already has the image in his mind, even before he has touched a brush, or he paints a portrait or landscape using an example. The passion stimulates in both cases the ways of thinking that are very useful. Someone who has a good job will put all his effort into executing his job well. Also in that situation ways of thinking are picked up from others that can be useful in the strategies of that occupation. In the Medical sector it is very important that procedures are strictly followed. Therefore, nurses are careful in administering medicine. Somebody who likes a lot of freedom and flexibility (options) may not pay as much attention to detail as is needed, that would not be desirable in this situation.

There are many examples of ways of thinking. Therefore, before you play the game read the explanations of the ways of thinking thoroughly.
By playing this game regularly your flexibility in using the ways of thinking will increase. In addition, anyone playing the game will become more aware of their own strongest preferences.

There are a lot of books that describe the ways of thinking (Metaprograms) much more specifically. On the internet or in bookshops you can find much more information. If you would like to learn even more you can also attend an NLP Training Course. Please find more training information on www.metamemetayou.com