Someone with the preference association will associate things to themselves-tell them a story and they will take over and it will be about them, they will apply their own emotions, convictions and values. Strongly associated people are very close to their emotions and speak often in an emotional way. They also have a lot of perseverance. People with the preference association are the type of people who can cry with laughter. They also use I and Me a lot when speaking.


Someone with the preference empathic often understands somebody else well and has a lot of empathy (is able to provide high levels of service as they focus on others). People, who very strongly have this way of thinking, often speak in terms of you and have more focus on others. Uses you language-can distance self from own emotions.


Someone with the preference observer distances him/herself from emotion and can react very coolly to a situation. It could be useful for example to be very neutral in a conflict situation and to be able to make a correct judgment or evaluation.