NLP board-game table-model

The game is to play with eight participants and can be connected to every other board game. When you buy 2 you can play the board game with 16 simultaneously at three with 24 to 4 with 32 etc. We have simultaneously played this game with 64 participants. This interactive board game will among other things used for business networking / team building , but also for schools and training institutions to quickly and learn playfully specific matter.
This board game can even be tailored for schools and / or companies with their own product. We can if we receive the information on the cards provide these customized by.

Business examples:

ster schools and / or educational institutions who want to learn a particular theory quickly the matter by the students on fun and interactive way to create your own 
ster banks / insurance companies have created a new product or conditions / procedures have adapted and this fun way to learn to staff

NLP board-game

ster Board-game
ster 8 pawns
ster dice
ster hourglass
ster 3 stacks of playing cards
ster manual
ster play with 8 participants and more

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Tips NLP board-game:

The NLP is interactive board game designed and can be played with 8 people.

Buy two and you can play the NLP board game with 16 people.
Age from 16 years and older. Playing time of this game is minimal about a half hour to an afternoon!

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