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Interactive NLP game Meta Me Meta You

We, NLP Training Wegener, launched the new board play Meta Me Meta You on 01-08-2011. This board game is based on the successful day training Ways of thinking and values. This game learns you to find out the ways of thinking of yourself and of someone else fast and easily. The name of the board game is a derivative of the NLP term for ways of thinking: Meta programs. By the playful and easy way you learn how ways of thinking work in an interactive way. Besides, you learn what the effect is on your own communication when you even get more flexible.

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Why there has been chosen for a playful character? When you were a child you used your resources a lot and, therefore, you could learn and develop very fast. That has been taken into account in Meta Me Meta You. Now you namely use those resources again by making use of the ‘accelerating learning process’. For more information please read further at: What are think patterns?


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Goal of the game

The intention of the game is unlearning assumption, filling in and prejudices as much as possible, by which you will gain more respect for others and for yourself. Our goal is, therefore, to get people nearer to each other. To keep the game challenging, there will be free updates available in future and updates to extend the game. You can buy these for a small amount, so you don’t have to buy a new board game again.


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Meta Me Meta You news

The Meta Meta Me You board game of some 36 square meters ! This board is suitable for business networking / team building / Events offices or schools / training agencies and / or training to learn the curriculum interactive prompt. Read more click here